I wasn’t always into Fitness. I grew up as a normal pre-teen/ teenager hating gym class and being jealous of all the other girls who were actually GOOD at physical fitness. My mile time was always 13 minutes or more and I was definitely one of the last ones to finish. It was super embarrassing but I always acted like I couldn’t care less.


Flash forward 5 years and I hit my 20s, unfortunately forever struggling with that “Freshman 15” weight gain (more like 25 in my case)
I was so unhappy with the way I looked that it took a toll on my relationships with family/friends and especially romantic relationships. If I didn’t love myself how could I expect anyone else to? And full body pictures of myself posted to social media?? FORGET ABOUT IT. Nope. No way. Head shots only. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about!


Now, we all have a breaking point on certain issues in our lives. Mine was Christmas morning 2011. I stepped on the scale after countless weeks of cookies, baked goods, candy, (alcohol), and pretty much whatever else I felt like eating. I looked down and I saw my weight in the 150lbs for the first time ever…. My normal body weight was always 120 for my height growing up. What happened?!  30 lbs.?!?! this can’t be right. No way. That was the breaking point for me. The moment I’ll always remember where I decided to make a change. I joined a gym, I dangerously  lowered my incoming calorie count. I became a cardio bunny and sometimes pretended to lift weights when I was alone in the weight room so I wouldn’t feel judged. It worked, yes, but it wasn’t the right way to do this looking back. I lost weight but I was malnourished. I wasn’t teaching my body how to build muscle or gain strength and it showed.

At age 25 I became pregnant with my daughter. At this point I was at a good weight, I could fit into my clothes normally and I went to the gym occasionally. The pregnancy was a bit of a shock to my body and I used it as an excuse to consume every sweet or unhealthy food in sight. The average weight to gain for pregnancy is 25 lbs ….. I gained almost 60! Once again struggling with self-esteem and  completely gave up on fitness for 9 months.


My daughter forever changed my life. In a million ways. I wanted to be a better person because of her. Immediately after her birth I started taking care of myself, physically and emotionally. I started eating nutritious meals that would fill me up and keep me away from things that I knew would only bring me down. Fitness wise, I had to get the OK from my doctor to begin working out again but my husband and I would go for walks and get moving as much as possible. Once I could start running I began with 1 full minute of running a day and added a minute every day until my breathing became easier and my legs were stronger. I transformed into the person I always wanted to be, both for me and for my family. I lost 60 + lbs. and felt amazing! I couldn’t wait to keep this going.

What’s next? I felt great but I heard millions of stories both from friends and strangers that postpartum life or just health in general was not working for them. What could I do to help them? I knew that 5 years ago I wish I had someone to guide me into this lifestyle sooner.

I looked online and found the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine https://www.nasm.org/) and their certified personal trainer program. Perfect. This is what I want to do. I want to help others become their best self. I studied day and night all while working a full time job and being a mother and wife. I made it work because I was passionate about every aspect of this lifestyle. I couldn’t wait to help others! I couldn’t wait to help you!


So now let’s talk about you! What are your goals? What stage of life are you currently in? Are you ready to make a full change both mentally and physically? Are you ready to put yourself first and in turn positively affect others in your life? I was in the stage you are currently in, I know it’s hard. But I also know it’s worth it, you are worth it! Let’s begin this climb together and I promise that you will see a huge difference in every part of you, for the better! I cant wait!!


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